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Warmly celebrate my firm's strong promotion of "GMC • Innovation China" 30 strong!

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Zhongshan solid Lyle Sunshine Board Co., Ltd. strong promotion "GMC innovation China" 30 strong


September 25, 2013, Zhongshan solid Lail Sunshine Board Co., Ltd. through the "GMC Innovation China" China Innovation Products Global Selection contest sea selection, hardware building materials industry to become 1162 entries in the top 150.

November 5, 2013, with excellent quality and outstanding innovative ideas, Zhongshan solid Lyle Sunshine Board Co., Ltd. once again highlighted the tight in the 150 strong come to the "GMC innovation China" hardware building materials industry in the top 30.

At present, "GMC innovation China" has entered the final selection stage, the industry will be submitted to the polycarbonate smart panel will be one of the representatives of the hardware building materials industry, with 29 other products eventually compete for "GMC innovation China" 10 Strong places.


Polycarbonate intelligent thermostat board promotion year 30 strong

"GMC Innovative China" China Innovation Products Global Selection Competition by the GMC quality manufacturers Union and Global Markets Group co-sponsored by the contest through the collection of national innovation products, invited GMC 108 million buyers, 36 GMC innovation and global users to vote The

Competition from August 15, 2013 to start registration, as of September 25, the country a total of 4,000 products to participate in the registration, including lighting industry 1292, metal building materials 1162, home appliances 1014, home gifts 749 models.

After the GMC · Innovation China jury rigorous review and global buyers, users round the selection, polycarbonate intelligent thermostat with excellent quality and innovative ideas come to the forefront of the hardware building materials industry to get the highest number of 30 products one.

In this contest, the polycarbonate intelligent temperature control board much buyers and users concerned about. At present, this product has entered the "GMC innovation China" 30 into the 10 selection stage. In the next month, it will be with the industry's other 29 innovative products on the same stage show, the common competition "GMC innovation China" annual title of the top ten.

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Innovation will be the key to enterprise development

It is reported that, in order to help more innovative outstanding Chinese products have been recognized by the world, GMC quality manufacturers alliance and global market group in this event invited Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, China and other well-known design master at home and abroad as GMC innovation instructor, Provide professional advice on the design and brand building of the participating products. At the same time, GMC also invited GMC 108 million buyers to participate in the vote to ensure that the results of the fair selection, fair and public.

GMC also with the United States and the country's largest financial daily - Wall Street Journal, China Internet leader - Sohu and China's largest circulation of financial newspaper - China Business News strategic cooperation for the "GMC · Innovation in China "to provide full coverage, and GMC together to tap innovation, dissemination of innovation.

Sponsor Global Markets Group said that the importance of innovation to the manufacturing industry has been self-evident. In the demographic dividend and foreign trade dividends gradually into the inflection point when the R & D innovation has become the last straw of foreign trade manufacturing enterprises. GMC quality manufacturers Union issued a research report also shows that nearly 1,000 companies surveyed, there are already more than 60% of the manufacturing enterprises will be product quality and R & D innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprises, and the traditional price factors that only account for To about 12%.

In the future, Zhongshan Gu Lail Sunshine Board Co., Ltd. will strive to break through and innovate for the world to show more outstanding innovative Chinese manufacturing, so that "Made in China" has become a high-quality mark.

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