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Explain the advantages and application of PC sun panels

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The rapid development of the economy, the product is constantly upgrading. Every day in the daily life of glass products are gradually replaced by the emergence of new products. Glass products market in just a few years by pc sun panels almost completely replaced. Then what is the PC sunshine board is what kind of product can quickly occupy the glass market? PC sun panels are mainly made of high performance engineering plastics - polycarbonate (PC) resin, PC sun panels, also known as polycarbonate hollow board, glass Kaplan board, PC single or multi-layer hollow board, poly Carbonate plate. Pc sunshine board is a bit with a high degree of transparency, texture is very light, strong impact, good sound insulation, good thermal insulation, flame retardant, longer life, pc sunshine board is a high-tech, Comprehensive performance is extremely excellent, energy saving and environmental protection plastic sheet. Everything has two sides, there must be some shortcomings. For the PC sun panels, the drawback is that it is not acid and alkali, from the macro point of view, in fact, this is not really any shortcomings, we all know that the corrosive strong acid and alkali, any product as long as the encounter acid Higher liquid or solid will be more or less subject to certain damage. Pc sunshine board application range is very wide. Covering almost all industries. Buildings in the daily life, the stadium of the stadium and the shelter, shelters and other public facilities, highway noise, advertising decoration, sports venues, swimming pools, warehouse lighting roof, residential, commercial lighting sky, exhibition lighting, decoration , Agricultural greenhouses, aquaculture and flower greenhouses, as well as telephone booths, newsstand kiosks, greenhouses / industrial plants, advertising signs, parking sheds, channel lighting poncho fields. Solid Lyle official website: Alibaba website: Hotline: 0760-23132008

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