The new issue of ¥ 3000 photo collection of cash awards activities are as follows:

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Thenewoneofthe$3,000photocollectioncashprizesareasfollows:First,therewardset:Awards1prize:3,000yuancashprizeSecond,theactivitiesoftime:theactivitiessubmittedfornowuntilDecember15,December16-January1,2014networkevaluation,inJanuary10,2014announcedtheresultsoftheselectionandawardedourbonus.Vote,seaelection,selection,generalcomment,announcement,awardtimeintheJanuary10,2014three,theactivitiesofthecontent:"sunshineboardapplicationphotos."Youonlyneedtopickupthecameraorcellphonephotographedtheuseofphotosrelatedtothesunpanels,thathaveaccessto3,000yuanawards.Activitytime:TheworkissubmittedforthecurrentdayuntilDecember15,December16-January1,2014networkevaluation,inJanuary10,2014announcedtheresultsoftheselectionandawardedourbonuses.Fourth,theactivitiesrequired:1,usehighlightsthenovelty,itisbesttointroducetheapplicationofthebackground.2,shootingaclearsenseofbeauty.Canbeusedtoshootmobilephone,thenumberofmorethan1.3million,thehigherthenumberofhigherresolutionwillgetextrapointsOh.3,thecontestantsbearthecorrespondingresponsibilityforthephotographicworks,yourworkmaybeusedforthesolidLylesunboardpublicity,sothephotoshouldbenocopyrightdisputes.4,submitthework,whilesubmittingtheworkoftheshootinglocation,thesubjectname.5,participateinthesubmissionofworkslimitedtothesunboard(includinghollow,solidboard)theactualapplicationofthecase,theuseofunlimited,unlimiteduse.6,payattentiontoactivitiesduringthebestnottomodifythemicrobloggingnickname.5,theactivitiesoftheprocess:delivery->vote->seaelection->selection->GeneralComments->Announcement->Award1,selection,generalevaluationbytheZhongshansolidLyleSunshineBoardCo.,Ltd.completed,accordingtoeachnovel,2,voting,seaelectionbytheunrestrictednetizensandworksfanssupportersinthesolidLilleofficialmicrobloggingtocomplete,netizensvoteformicrobloggingvotepoints0-10points,Voteforallthesupportersofthehighscoreshouldbehigher;allthenoticeinthecourseoftheeventwillbeheldattheofficialmicrobloggingwebsiteofthecompanyandtheofficialwebsiteofthecompany.Cnnewslayout companydynamiclayout companydynamiclayoutsix,toreceivetherequestandtheway:thelistofwinnerscame,thepenandthecompanyThecompanywithin24hoursoftelephone/microblogging/QQ/mailwaytocontactthewinners,accordingtothecompany'srequesttoremitthebanker'saccount.7,submissionmethods:1.ConcernedaboutSinamicroblogging@ZhongshansolidLyleSunshineCo.,Ltd.officialwebsitetokeepabreastoftheprogressoftheactivities 2.sunshineboardapplicationphotos:theworksenttothedesignatedmailbox:

The new one of the $ 3,000 photo collection cash prizes are as follows: First, the reward set: Awards 1 prize: 3,000 yuan cash prize Second, the activities of time: the activities submitted for now until December 15, December 16 - January 1, 2014 network evaluation, in January 10, 2014 announced the results of the selection and awarded our bonus. Vote, sea election, selection, general comment, announcement, award time in the January 10, 2014 three, the activities of the content: "sunshine board application photos." You only need to pick up the camera or cell phone photographed the use of photos related to the sun panels, that have access to 3,000 yuan awards. Activity time: The work is submitted for the current day until December 15, December 16 - January 1, 2014 network evaluation, in January 10, 2014 announced the results of the selection and awarded our bonuses. Fourth, the activities required: 1, use highlights the novelty, it is best to introduce the application of the background. 2, shooting a clear sense of beauty. Can be used to shoot mobile phone, the number of more than 1.3 million, the higher the number of higher resolution will get extra points Oh. 3, the contestants bear the corresponding responsibility for the photographic works, your work may be used for the solid Lyle sunboard publicity, so the photo should be no copyright disputes. 4, submit the work, while submitting the work of the shooting location, the subject name. 5, participate in the submission of works limited to the sun board (including hollow, solid board) the actual application of the case, the use of unlimited, unlimited use. 6, pay attention to activities during the best not to modify the microblogging nickname. 5, the activities of the process: delivery -> vote -> sea election -> selection -> General Comments -> Announcement -> Award 1, selection, general evaluation by the Zhongshan solid Lyle Sunshine Board Co., Ltd. completed, according to each novel, 2, voting, sea election by the unrestricted netizens and works fans supporters in the solid Lille official microblogging to complete, netizens vote for microblogging vote points 0-10 points, Vote for all the supporters of the high score should be higher; all the notice in the course of the event will be held at the official microblogging website of the company and the official website of the company. Cn news layout company dynamic layout company dynamic layout six, to receive the request and the way: the list of winners came, the pen and the company The company within 24 hours of telephone / microblogging / QQ / mail way to contact the winners, according to the company's request to remit the banker's account. 7, submission methods: 1. Concerned about Sina microblogging @ Zhongshan solid Lyle Sunshine Co., Ltd. official website to keep abreast of the progress of the activities 2. sunshine board application photos: the work sent to the designated mailbox: