Installation information of polycarbonate sheet .

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1. Choose the right thickness of board, and the tolerant radius of curvature.

  1. Please leave more space for the expansion, and mind the deepness of lodging in boards, as Chart A.
  2. Polycarbonat sheet should not be placed on the cement floor or cement wall.
  3. Clean the profile and keep the surface neat and smooth.
  4. Please use suitable silicone and pad except PVC material.
  5. If making a mark before cutting was necessary, please mark on the protective film.
  1. you must mark on the Polycarbonat sheet, please use crayon, and try not to use sharp implements.
  1. During the cutting process, please avoid the vibration and keep the board steady. Automatic tools, like Tungsten Carbide saws, are the suitable choices for cutting. In addition, please don’t tear the protective film to avoid leaving the scratchs on the Polycarbonat sheet during the cutting process.
  2. Remove the protective film after installation.