About the invitation of the 116th Canton Fair and Dubai Big 5 International Building Materials Exhibition!

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Dearfriendsfromallwalksoflife: Wearepleasedtoinformyouthatourcompanywillattendthe116thChinaImportandExportFair(CantonFair)andthe2014DubaiBig5InternationalBuildingMaterialsExhibition,Willsincerelyinviteyoutovisit.Fordetails,pleasecontacttherelevantbusinesspeople,Tel:86-760-23132001,fax:86-760-23126813,E-mail: goodlife@goodlife.com.cn. Pleaseseethedetailsoftheexhibition: 1.ExhibitionName:The116thChinaImportandExportFair(CantonFair)      ParticipationTime:October15-19,2014      Pavilion/Score:9.1L07      Address:ChinaImportandExportCommoditiesFairPavilion(No.380,YuejiangMiddleRoad,HaizhuDistrict,Guangzhou,China)      Contact:Mr.Lu/MissLu      Mobile:0086-137-0238-92460086-136-8017-6303          2.Exhibitionname:2014MiddleEast(Dubai)BIG5InternationalFair   Participationtime:November17,201420days   Hall/stall:ArH207   Address:WorldTradeCenter,Dubai,UnitedArabEmirates   Contact:Mr.Lu/MissLu   Mobile:0086-137-0238-9246

Dear friends from all walks of life:

We are pleased to inform you that our company will attend the 116th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) and the 2014 Dubai Big 5 International Building Materials Exhibition,

Will sincerely invite you to visit. For details, please contact the relevant business people, Tel: 86-760-23132001, fax: 86-760-23126813,

E-mail: goodlife@goodlife.com.cn.

Please see the details of the exhibition:

1. Exhibition Name: The 116th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)
      Participation Time: October 15-19, 2014
      Pavilion / Score: 9.1L07
      Address: China Import and Export Commodities Fair Pavilion (No. 380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China)
      Contact: Mr. Lu / Miss Lu
      Mobile: 0086-137-0238-9246

          2. Exhibition name: 2014 Middle East (Dubai) BIG 5 International Fair
   Participation time: November 17, 2014 20 days
   Hall / stall: Ar H207
   Address: World Trade Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
   Contact: Mr. Lu / Miss Lu
   Mobile: 0086-137-0238-9246