Invitation to participate in the 2014 Paris Sao Paulo Building Materials Exhibition

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Dearfriendsfromallwalksoflife: BrazilInternationalBuildingMaterials2014willbeheldMarch18,2013-22inSaoPaulo,Brazilgrandopening. IamZhongshanLulaierSunshineBoardCo.,Ltd.willparticipateinthisexhibition.Ourmainproducts:polycarbonatePCsunpanels,NaiLiban,multi-layerboard,waveWaveboard,particleboard,frostedboardandavarietyoffunctionboards,etc.,whenwesincerelyinviteyoutovisit.Fordetails,pleasecontacttherelevantbusinesspeople,Phone:86-760-23132001,Fax:86-760-23126813,E-mail: Wearepleasedtobeabletoestablishfriendlyrelationsandcooperationwithyourcompany,wehopethatwecancontinuetomaintainclosecontact,Iwill,asalways,toprovideyouwithqualitygoods.Weareveryhonoredtointroducethelatestproductstoyourcompanyandlookforwardtoyourvisittoourbooth.Fordetails,pleaseseethefollowinginformation: ExhibitionName:FEICONBATIMATFAIR2014         ParticipationTime:March18-22,2014    Hall/stallnumber:P057    Address:ANHEMBIPARKEXHIBITIONHALL,SaoPaulo,Brzail.    Contact:Mr.Lu    Mobile:0086-137-0245-7246

Dear friends from all walks of life:

Brazil International Building Materials 2014 will be held March 18, 2013 - 22 in Sao Paulo, Brazil grand opening.

I am Zhongshan Lulaier Sunshine Board Co., Ltd. will participate in this exhibition. Our main products: polycarbonate PC sun panels, Nai Liban, multi-layer board, wave

Wave board, particle board, frosted board and a variety of function boards, etc., when we sincerely invite you to visit. For details, please contact the relevant business people,

Phone: 86-760-23132001, Fax: 86-760-23126813, E-mail:

We are pleased to be able to establish friendly relations and cooperation with your company, we hope that we can continue to maintain close contact, I will, as always, to provide you with quality goods.

We are very honored to introduce the latest products to your company and look forward to your visit to our booth. For details, please see the following information:

Exhibition Name: FEICON BATIMAT FAIR 2014
     Participation Time: March 18 - 22, 2014
     Hall / stall number: P057
     Address: ANHEMBI PARK EXHIBITION HALL, Sao Paulo, Brzail.
     Contact: Mr. Lu
     Mobile: 0086-137-0245-7246