polycarbonate solar panel


polycarbonate solar panel


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    • Commodity name: polycarbonate solar panel
    • Commodity ID: 1154838013083799552
    The polycarbonate solar panel of gullier solar insulation series has a light metallic luster on its surface. After being treated by high technology, it has the "intelligence" unmatched by ordinary solar panel. Under the premise of maximum transmission of visible light, it automatically adapts to the changes of environment and climate, maintains a reasonable heat level, and has the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer. According to the experiments of Bayer company, it can reduce the indoor heat accumulation up to More than 46%.
    Because of the direct transmission of infrared ray and the heat conduction of lighting components and other materials, the air in the relatively closed space will generate heat accumulation.
    Gulell intelligent temperature regulating board principle: reflect a large number of infrared rays in the sun, improve the greenhouse effect caused by excessive heat accumulation in the room, whether it is cloudy or sunny, winter or summer, can coordinate the indoor temperature to a suitable level.

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