Safety defense impact strengh Polycarbonate sheet for Anti-roit Shield


Safety defense impact strengh Polycarbonate sheet for Anti-roit Shield



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    • Commodity name: Safety defense impact strengh Polycarbonate sheet for Anti-roit Shield
    • Commodity ID: 1154837987607597056

    Our advantage:
        1) Makrolon PC resin from Bayer in Germany.Lexan raw material from GE in America.
        2) Omipa UV-PC coextrusion lines (6lines).UV co-extrusion for long life-span.we import the UV-PC coextrusion from Omipa in far ,we have 6 lines,two for hollow sheet,two for slid sheet,one for corrugated sheet,one for PC profile.
        3) ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 14000 proved.and we also have UL,ASTM,ROHS,Russian construct test,ect.
      4) Light transmission rate up from 25%-88%.Different color and different thickness will result in different transparecy.For example the table:

    Thickness clear Brown White Blue
    4mm 79 43 43 35
    6mm 78 36 35 25
    8mm 77 33 33 20
    10mm 77 29 25 16


      5) Customized colors and dimensions 
            available upon request.

    our  Specification:
        1) Item Name: Polycarbonate sheet 
        2) Thickness: from 0.8mm to 20mm 
        3) Size: Max width: 2.1m, no limit on length 
        4) Color: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Lake-blue, Green, Grass-green, White, Red, Grey, Yellow, Purple, Orange,etc.
    our Features:

      1.Transparency: The Light transmission reaches 25%-88% according to colour.
    2.UV-protection: with UV extrusion on one side or both sides, which can eliminate 98% of ultra violet radiate. 
    3. Lightweight: The weight of hollow PC sheet is about one twelfth of the same thickness
    of glass, and the weight of Solid PC sheet is about half at the same thickness.
    4. Impact strength: the impact strength of hollow sheet is 80 times than that of same thickness of glass, and the impact strength of Solid sheet is 200 times than that of glass.
    5. Inhibiting Condensation: When outdoor temperature is 0°C, indoor temperature is 23°C, PC sheet will not get condensation even with relative humidity as high as 80%.
    6. Thermal Insulation: the K-value of glass is 1.2 times that of Solid sheet, and is 1.7 times that of Hollow profile So using PC sheet can prevent heat loss and save more energy.
    7. Sound insulation: the Hollow structure and Polycarbonate resin offers significant advantage to the sound insulation.
    8. Flame Resistance: Through testing by National Center for Quality Supervision & Testing of Fire Building Materials, each behavior of the material conforms to the standard of difficult-flammability material. PC sheet is rated Class B1 according to GB 8624-1997.
    9. Easy Installation: PC sheet can be bent and easy to cut. The minimum radius of curvature of PC sheet is 175 times of its thickness. 

    10. Enviromental Friendly

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