Polycarbonate IR Sheet-Infrared Absorbed sheet


Polycarbonate IR Sheet-Infrared Absorbed sheet


  • Description
    • Commodity name: Polycarbonate IR Sheet-Infrared Absorbed sheet

    Usually used lighting materials, due to the direct transmission of infrared rays, the heat conduction of lighting components and other materials, will lead to heat accumulation of air in relatively closed space.

    Goodlife heat insulation series of polycarbonate solar panels integrate the performance of polycarbonate. After treatment, it has the "intelligence" that ordinary solar panels can not match. Under the premise of transmitting visible light, it can automatically adapt to the changes of environment and climate, maintain a reasonable heat level, and have the effect of warm winter and cool summer.

    Principle of Goodlife Intelligent Temperature Regulator: Reflect a lot of infrared rays in sunlight, improve the greenhouse effect caused by excessive heat accumulation in the room, whether cloudy or sunny, winter or summer, can coordinate the indoor temperature to a suitable level.

    It is divided into hollow structure and solid plate structure. The hollow structure is more suitable for ornamental greenhouse and ecological restaurant, while the solid structure is more suitable for urban cultural center, opera house and stadium.

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