Accessories For Polycarbonate Sheet-DSC00283


Accessories For Polycarbonate Sheet-DSC00283


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    • Commodity name: Accessories For Polycarbonate Sheet-DSC00283

    Aluminum closure:

    PC Sunshine Plate Aluminum Receiver is mainly used to seal both ends of the Sunshine Plate to prevent dust, rain and insects from entering the hole, which affects the service life and beauty of the sheet.

    Edge-sealing adhesive, butyl waterproof adhesive tape, neutral weather-resistant adhesive and EPDM adhesive strip are mainly used as auxiliary materials for the construction of water leakage prevention project of PC sheet, which can effectively solve the problem of water leakage in the construction of PC sheet with the use of aluminium strip.

    Aluminum gasket:

    Diameter: 27MM, 1.2MM aluminium plate on top, EPDM film on bottom, no corrosion to plate! Sunshine plate seamless, can replace the use of aluminum bar!

    Aluminum bar:

    Mainly used for fixed installation of joints between PC sheets, with screw, waterproof tape and EPDM tape can effectively play a leak-proof effect, and beautiful, long service life, no corrosion to the sheet.

    There are a large number of sunshine panel accessories, such as aluminium edge-closing, aluminium edge-closing, PC edge-closing, button-closing, aluminium foil tape, nuts, aluminium washer, double-sided adhesive, PC edge-closing, EPDM tape, EPDM mat, diagonal blanking, PC-U strip, PC-H strip, connecting strip, etc., which make it easy for you to install.

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