Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Sheet-Four-wall Sheet


Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Sheet-Four-wall Sheet


  • Description
    • Commodity name: Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Sheet-Four-wall Sheet

    Gulaier Sunshine Plate is manufactured with imported polycarbonate (PC) raw materials and processed by high-tech anti-infrared special technology. The plate surface is evenly distributed with a high concentration of UV co-extrusion anti-ultraviolet layer, which can block the passage of ultraviolet rays, protect indoor objects and prolong the life of the plate. (Single-sided and double-sided protection)


    1. Light weight: The specific gravity is only half of the ordinary glass, and it is not easy to break. It saves time and labor in handling and installing, especially for tall buildings.

    2. Transparency: Colorless transparent sunplate can provide transparency and surface glossiness. Coloring plate can block the strong part of sunlight and make the light transmitted soft.

    3. Sound insulation performance: It can effectively reduce noise and is an optional material for Expressway sound insulation barrier internationally.

    4. Heat transfer: It has a lower thermal conductivity (K value) than ordinary glass and other plastics, which greatly reduces the heat loss. It is used in buildings with heating equipment and belongs to environmental protection materials.

    5. Impact resistance: PC is a kind of impact resistance in thermoplastics. Sunshine panels made of PC can keep good impact resistance for a long time in a wide temperature range. They have the nicknames of "unbreakable glass" and "sound steel".

    6. Anti-condensation: In general, when the outdoor temperature is 0 C and the indoor temperature is 23 C, as long as the indoor relative humidity is less than 80%, the surface of the material will not condensate.

    7. Fire-retardant and fire-proof: It has good fire-proof property. It has been tested by National Fire-proof Building Material Supervision Center. According to GB8624-1997 standard, it has reached the level B1 of flame-proof. The burning point of the sheet is 630 C. The burning process will not produce toxic gases, and will not promote the spread of the fire. The sheet will extinguish itself after it leaves the fire.

    8. Chemical resistance: It can resist the erosion of various organic acids, inorganic acids, vegetable oils, neutral salt solutions, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohol at room temperature. Sunplate is soluble in chloroalkanes, slightly soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and ketones. It can be destroyed by alkali and swell in Tianna water and methanol.

    9. Cold bending installation, heat and cold resistance.


    1. The thickness of double-deck plate is 4-10 mm. The width is 2100 mm and the length is 6000 mm. (customizable)

    2. The thickness of the three-layer plate is 10-20 mm, the width is 2100 mm and the length is 6000 mm. (customizable)


    Red, black, Lake blue, blue, transparent, Milky white, grass green, green, brown, grey, yellow, emerald green, etc.


    1. The lighting ceiling of office buildings, Department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities.

    2. Sound barriers for expressways, railways and urban elevated roads.

    3. Skylight of modern plant greenhouse and indoor swimming pool.

    4. Rain shed for subway entrance, station, parking lot, shopping mall, pavilion, lounge and corridor.

    5. Safety lighting materials for airports and factories.

    6. Advertising light boxes, advertising display boards.

    7. Interior space between home and office, pedestrian passageway, guardrail, balcony and door of shower room.

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