Where did you take a detour when purchasing a sunboard

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Due to regulatory gaps, the quality of PC Sunshine Board and PC Endurance Board products has always been mixed in the market, with significant price differences. Today, Guleier Sunshine Board will analyze in detail for you

Due to regulatory gaps, the quality of PC Sunshine Board and PC Endurance Board products has always been mixed in the market, with significant price differences. Today, Guleier Sunshine Board will analyze in detail for you:
After several online inquiries, it can be seen that manufacturers with production qualifications offer higher prices compared to other platforms. Even if the procurement volume is relatively large, their wholesale prices are still higher than those of some unknown and unproductive leather bag trading companies. And the spot prices of the sunshine board that can be directly purchased on Taobao are even lower, which makes industry insiders cannot believe.

How do handbag companies and store owners on Taobao "reduce costs"?
1. Customized products
Raw material customization: Use their designated raw material formula, add recycled old materials, and divide them into different levels according to a certain proportion.
Stealing weight reduction: Use customized boards that do not meet the weight standards required by the national standard. Manufacturers may also fail to meet national standards, but their weight standards are close to national standards, while those customized by Taobao store owners differ significantly. For example, the weight of 8mm sunlight board is 1.5kg/s2 according to the national standard, while some customized products on Taobao are 1.25kg/m2. Coupled with customized raw materials, the cost per square meter can be reduced by 10-15 yuan/square meter compared to the standard quality board produced by the manufacturer.
2. Fictional warranty
All boards of the manufacturer's own brand will issue a warranty to the customer, detailing the model, size, and quantity of the purchased products. On Taobao, most of them provide verbal warranties to customers, without a paper warranty. Even if a warranty is issued, it is mostly a fictional warranty, and the actual service life is far from reaching the warranty period. The boards that the manufacturer provides them with a three-year warranty, or even the boards they customize that cannot be guaranteed at all, are sold to Taobao customers with a ten-year warranty. I have seen multiple such complaints, and Taobao users complain that it is very difficult to protect their rights, and generally can only accept them themselves.
As a consumer, how do you choose the Sunshine Board Endurance Board to ensure safety?
1. Most recommended channel: Find manufacturers with real production qualifications and capabilities and conduct on-site inspections. Never purchase on Taobao. Taobao stores and handbag companies generally impersonate manufacturers, but cannot verify their authenticity. They embezzle pictures of the manufacturer's production workshop, fake PS doors, and qualification documents for false advertising. They may have office space or even warehouses, but they do not have production equipment. On site inspections may waste hundreds or tens of yuan in travel expenses at most, but you can buy products that are truly reassuring. Sunshine board endurance boards are generally purchased in large quantities and should not be careless.
2. Recommended channels: Go to the local building materials market to find a local PC board agent to purchase, and also conduct on-site inspections. However, individual dealers also have the situation of shoddy goods, which can be easily distinguished by comparing several in the market (such as comparing sample quality, whether the conversation is honest, etc.).
3. Recommended channels: Purchase from a manufacturer's store that has been certified by the manufacturer's qualifications on the Alibaba procurement wholesale platform. Most of the certified stores with certification marks on Alibaba are genuine manufacturers with production equipment.
4. If it is not purchased directly from the factory, the purchasing skills that need to be mastered are: what raw materials are used to produce the board, and whether it is brand new? Is the sample consistent with the actual product? What is the weight of the board in grams, that is, how many kilograms does the board weigh per square meter? Tell the merchant that you need to weigh and verify after buying, and the weight standard should be written into the purchase contract or there should be a Chat log as proof.


How to inspect the delivered sunshine board endurance board?
1. Compare the samples provided by the buyer before ordering to see if there are any significant differences. If you buy a board with a ten-year warranty, the board should be very transparent and free from many impurities upon closer inspection.
2. Weighing. Calculate if there is a significant discrepancy between the weight per square meter and the seller's previous commitment.
Looking forward to more comprehensive and precise market regulation, rectifying the chaotic situation in the PC board market, and providing a fair and transparent market environment for consumers and businesses that produce and sell PC boards in compliance with the law.