PC Sunlight Board Embedded Installation Method

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a. Sufficient embedding amount shall be reserved according to plate thickness, Thermal expansion, different from supporting frame, wind pressure, snow pressure load, etc. Generally, the edge of the board extends more than 25mm into the fixed frame, and at least two ribs are required to be installed in the fixed area, with a thermal expansion rate of 0.065mm/m.0C
b. Determine the reserved distance for thermal expansion between plates based on local climate conditions and the temperature at the time of installation. Usually, during summer installation, the reserved distance can be reduced; When installing in winter, the reserved space should be larger. For embedded installation, it is recommended that the length of the board is not too long, as the longer the length, the greater the cumulative thermal expansion length.
c. The installation requirement is that at the end of the installation, the board can still be slightly displaced on the bracket without affecting the combination of the filling material with the board or bracket. Therefore, filling materials require a certain degree of adhesion and flexibility.